Detour News An Evening With Fink, Marxer & Gleaves – WTMD

An Evening With Fink, Marxer & Gleaves – WTMD

WTMD is thrilled to host an evening of acoustic music by Fink, Marxer & Gleaves, featuring the legendary folk performers Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer teaming up with Appalachian singer-songwriter Sam Gleaves.

This summer, the trio released their debut album, “Shout and Shine,” and they’ll perform songs from it live in WTMD’s intimate, acoustically engineered performance studio.

The record draws on the trio’s diverse influences, featuring original songs by two-time Grammy award winners Fink and Gleaves, as well as old time country songs and songs written by celebrated songwriters Alice Gerrard, Tom Paxton and Jim Beloff. “Shout and Shine” honors folk music matriarchs Elizabeth Cotten, Jean Ritchie and Maybelle Carter with new interpretations of songs from their repertoires.

Fink, Marxer & Gleaves first came together at Common Ground on the Hill, a traditional arts festival in Westminster, Maryland, where Sam Gleaves met folk legends Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer. After bonding over a love of traditional music and social justice, the three began to play together and formed a quick friendship.

When it came time to record Sam’s first album, “Ain’t We Brothers,” in 2015, Cathy and Marcy joined him in the studio, both playing on the record and Cathy producing the project. They began touring, showcasing together at Folk Alliance International and playing music any chance they could get. “Shout and Shine” spotlights the incredible and unconventional friendship between the three — Cathy being 64, Marcy being 62, and Sam being 25 — brought together by the culture, power, love and community of roots music.

Friday, October 12 at 7:30pm to 9:30pm at WTMD in Towson.

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