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Dave Swarbrick

Dave Swarbrick

Detour Playlist
Paul Hartman
June 5, 2016 5:00PM – 7:00PM

* = Tribute to Dave Swarbrick, who passed away on June 3.

Time, artist, song, album, label, notes

5:01PM Fairport Convention “Fiddlestix” The Cropredy Box [Mooncrest] England *

5:04PM Fairport Convention “Rosie” Rosie [Island] England *

5:12PM Ian Campbell Folk Group “Rocky Road to Dublin/Drops of Brandy” Dave Swarbrick: Swarb! [Free Reed] England *

5:13PM Martin Carthy with Dave Swarbrick “Sovay” Martin Carthy [Topic] England *

5:19PM Fairport Convention “A Sailor’s Life” Unhalfbricking [Island] England *

5:34PM Fairport Convention “Matty Groves” Liege & Lief [Island] England *

5:42PM Fairport Convention “Sir Patrick Spens” Full House [Hannibal] England *

5:45PM Fairport Convention “Dirty Linen” Full House [Hannibal] England *

5:53PM Fairport Convention “Lord Marlborough” Angel Delight [Island] England *

5:56PM Fairport Convention “The Journeyman’s Grace” Angel Delight [Island] England *

6:01PM Fairport Convention “Reynard the Fox” Tipplers Tales [Vertigo] England *

6:07PM Whippersnapper “Farewell My Lovely Nancy” Tsubo [WPS] England *

6:12PM Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick “Byker Hill” Life and Limb [Green Linnet] England *

6:20PM Dave Swarbrick with Beryl Marriott “Droswy Maggie/The Heilanman” Dave Swarbrick: Folk on 2 [Cooking Vinyl] England *

6:25PM Tom Russell “Muhammad Ali” Modern Art [HighTone]

6:28PM Hermes Charles “I Forgot What I Came Here For” Move It [] Playing in the Baltimore area this week

6:31PM Charm City Junction “New River Train” Charm City Junction [Patuxent] Playing in the Baltimore area this week

6:35PM Simo Lagnawi “Sandika” The Gnawa Berber [Riverboat] Morocco

6:39PM Dave Swarbrick & Simon Nicol “Si Bheag Si Mhôr” Close to the Wind [Woodworm] England *

6:49PM Mollie O’Brien “No Ash Will Burn” Big Red Sun [Sugar Hill]

6:53PM La Banda Morisca “Entoíto te encuentro” Algarabya [Fol Musica] Spain

6:57PM Dave Swarbrick “Lord Haddo’s Favorite/Lady Mary Hayes Scotch Measure” Live at Jackson’s Lane [Gadfly] England; Closing theme *


Folk musician Dave Swarbrick has died at 75, his family have announced. Best known for his work with the hugely influential folk group Fairport Convention, Swarbrick was a virtuosic violin player and one of the most highly regarded musicians of the 1960s folk revival. He also wrote, arranged and sang, and performed on the viola, mandolin and mandola, and guitar.

Swarbrick — known as “Swarb” — began his musical career as a guitarist in a ceilidh band in the late 1950s, before joining the Birmingham-based Ian Campbell Folk Group as a fiddle player. He first worked with Fairport Convention in 1969 as a session musician, subsequently becoming a member of the group, and was the first fiddler on the UK folk scene to electrify the violin. His writing and playing was a key ingredient in the group’s Liege & Lief album, a record that rewrote the folk landscape with its electrified versions of traditional English folksongs.

Source: Fairport Convention’s Dave Swarbrick dies at 75 | Music | The Guardian

We’ll have a tribute on Detour this week, Sunday June 5, 5-7 PM — 89.7 FM and Music from Swarb’s collaborations with Martin Carthy and Simon Nicol, as part of the band Whippersnapper, solo work, and with Fairport Convention.