Detour News The Detour Top 10 Songs of 2016

The Detour Top 10 Songs of 2016

Detour Top 10 Songs

Detour Top 10 Songs
This week on Detour, the folk, roots and world music show — Detour’s Top 10 Songs of 2016. Tune in on Sunday, December 18th, 5-7PM to count down the Top-10 list. 89.7 FM and streaming on The show will also be archived at

1. Ana Alcaide “Diosa Luolaien” Leyenda [Spain]

2. The Paul McKenna Band “The Dream” Paths That Wind [Scotland]

3. The Bills “Forgotten Beech Grove” Trail of Tales [British Columbia, Canada]

4. Lakou Mizik “Anba Siklòn” Wa Di Yo [Haiti]

5. The Stray Birds “Sabrina” Magic Fire [Lancaster, PA]

6. Ten Strings and a Goatskin “The Ukrainian Expedition” Auprès du Poêle [Prince Edward Island, Canada]

7. Siama “Sisili” Rivers – From the Congo to the Mississippi [Congo]

8. Cris Jacobs “Hallelujah Hustler” Dust to Gold [Baltimore, MD]

9. Oysterband “I Built This House” This House Will Stand – The Best of Oysterband 1998-2015 [England]

10. Carrie Newcomer “A Shovel is a Prayer” The Beautiful Not Yet [Bloomington, IN]

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