Detour Playlist Playlist for Sunday, November 10th

Playlist for Sunday, November 10th

Detour Playlist
Paul Hartman
November 10, 2013 5:00PM – 7:00PM

* = Interview & live music with Ken & Brad Kolodner

** = Songs for Veteran’s Day

Time, artist, song, album, label, notes

5:00:10PM Harry Manx “Makes You Wanna Die Laughing” Wise and Otherwise [Dog My Cat] Canada

5:04:25PM The Barely Works “Something’ll Have to Change” Don’t Mind Walking [Green Linnet] England

5:08:15PM Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra “Detour” Shake, Rattle and Polka! [Rounder] Opening theme

5:11:00PM Zoe Mulford “Sister, Sail” Coyote Wings [Azalea City] Playing in the Baltimore area this week

5:15:45PM Ottopasuuna “Hippavalta” Ottopasuuna [Green Linnet/Xenophile] Finland

5:20:10PM Ken & Brad Kolodner “Down on My Knees” Skipping Rocks [Fenchurch Music] *

5:30:00PM Ken & Brad Kolodner “Falls of Richmond” (live in studio) [live] *

5:33:45PM Ken & Brad Kolodner “Lost Indian” (live in studio) [live] *

5:39:40PM Ken & Brad Kolodner “John Brown’s March” (live in studio) [live] *

5:37:10PM Ken & Brad Kolodner “Reuben’s Train” (live in studio) [live] *

5:50:55PM Ken & Brad Kolodner “Billy in the Lowground” Skipping Rocks [Fenchurch Music] *

5:55:25PM Richard Shindell “The Things That I Have Seen” Blue Divide [Shanachie] **

5:59:20PM Erik Balkey “Born in the USA” Everything is Great [Hudson Harding] **

6:03:00PM John Flynn “Semper Fi” America’s Waiting [] Playing in the Baltimore area this week **

6:06:40PM Guy Van Duser “Stars and Stripes Forever” Finger Style Guitar Solos [Rounder] *

6:13:20PM Lee Murdock “We Shall Always Remember” (single) [Depot]

6:17:05PM The Oyster Band “The Day That the Ship Goes Down” Step Outside [Varrick/Cooking Vinyl] England

6:21:30PM Arlo Guthrie “When the Ship Comes In” Hobo’s Lullabye [Warner Bros.]

6:26:55PM Heather Pierson “Nothing Left” The Hard Work of Living [Vessel]

6:30:50PM Fía na roca “Cantaba ben” Vente Vindo [Corda Frouxa] Spain (Galicia)

6:35:05PM Robin Huw Bowen “The Gentleness of Montgomeryshire” Old Hearth [Marquis Classics] Wales

6:40:20PM The Show Ponies “Baby, I’m in Love With You” We’re Not Lost [Self-released]

6:44:20PM Hesperus “Washington’s Hornpipe” A Civil War Scrapbook [Maggie’s Music] Playing in the Baltimore area this week

6:46:00PM Blackie and the Rodeo Kings “Summertime’s Over” South [File Under: Music] Canada

6:50:00PM John McCutcheon “Dry Land Fish” 22 Days [Appalsongs]

6:52:30PM Ghorwane “Ubiwilitolo” Vana-Va-Ndota [Milan] Mozambique

6:57:40PM Väsen “Johsefins dopvals” Trio [NorthSide] Sweden; Closing theme

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