Detour Playlist Playlist for Sunday, March 27th – April Fools!

Playlist for Sunday, March 27th – April Fools!


Detour Playlist
Paul Hartman
March 27, 2022 5:00PM – 7:00PM

The Annual Detour April Fools Show!

Time, artist, song, album, label, notes

5:00PM Austin Lounge Lizards “Grunge Song” Never an Adult Moment [Sugar Hill]

Doc Watson (photo by Randy Austin-Cardona/Dirty Linen)

Doc Watson (photo by Randy Austin-Cardona/Dirty Linen)

5:00PM Doc Watson “The Billboard Song” The Village Out West – The Lost Tapes of Alan Oakes [] Various artists CD

5:00PM The Ventures “Detour” The Ventures [Dolton Records] Opening theme

5:00PM Steve Goodman “This Hotel Room” No Big Surprise – The Steve Goodman Anthology [Red Pajamas]

5:00PM The Bobs “Sandwich Man” Get Your Monkey Off My Dog []

5:00PM Solomon Cook “I’m Behind Everybody” Notes… Sweet and Low []

5:00PM Trout Fishing in America “Slow” Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers []

5:00PM Don McLean “On the Amazon” Solo [United Artists]

5:00PM J.W. McClure with Thaddeus Spae “The Bear” Family History []

Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards

5:00PM Jonathan Edwards “Stingray Shuffle” Right Where I Am []

5:00PM Big Lou’s Polka Casserole “Doggie Dance” Dogs Playing Polka [Accordion Princess Records]



5:00PM Alpcologne “Jambalaya” Alpha [Westpark Music] Germany

5:00PM Arlo Guthrie “Walkin’ Down the Line” Pete Seeger & Arlo Guthrie Together in Concert [Rising Son]

5:00PM Richard Thompson “Oops! I Did It Again” 1000 Years of Popular Music [] England

Finest Kind

Finest Kind

5:00PM Finest Kind “From Dover to Calais” For Honour & For Gain [] Canada

5:00PM Andrew Lorand “Quarter Inch of Rain” Potsticker Rodeo []

5:00PM Sensitive Newage Cowpersons “Doc Met the Devil” …Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch [] Australia

The Arrogant Worms

The Arrogant Worms

5:00PM The Arrogant Worms “She Talks During Movies” Tor-pid [] Canada

6:00PM John Forster “The Big Mac Tree” Entering Marion [Philo]

6:00PM John Gorka “The Body Parts Medley” True in Time []

6:00PM Monty Python “Novel Writing” Matching Tie and Handkerchief [Arista] England

6:00PM Moxy Früvous “My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors” Live Noise [WEA] Canada

6:00PM Monty Python “Novel Writing 2” Matching Tie and Handkerchief [Arista] England

Sam Bush

Sam Bush

6:00PM Sam Bush “Handmics Killed Country Music” Storyman [Sugar Hill]

5:00PM Loudon Wainwright III “The Back Nine” More Love Songs [] w/Richard Thompson

6:00PM Chris Haddox “Sunday Morning Stoplight” Chris Haddox []

6:00PM Dave Del Monte & The Cross County Boys “Sloppy Jalopy” (single) []

Ruthie & the Wranglers

Ruthie & the Wranglers

6:00PM Ruthie and the Wranglers “Intro/Repo Man” Live at Goose Creek []

6:00PM Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer “Highway 80 (She’s a Mighty Good Road)” Drum Hat Buddha []

6:00PM Over the Moon “I’m Not Cool” Chinook Waltz [] Canada

6:00PM Four Bitchin’ Babes “Breakfast Dishes” Gabby Road [Shanachie]

6:00PM Carla Ulbrich “From the Bible” Twang []

6:00PM Christine Lavin “The Voice on the Relaxation Tape” One More Song – An Album for Club Passim [Philo] Various artists CD

6:00PM Marley’s Ghost “I Can See Your Aura” Four Spacious Guys []

Modern Man

Modern Man

6:00PM Modern Man “The New Ballgame” Assisted Living []

6:00PM The Ashley Hutchings Big Beat Combo “Telstar” Twangin’ n’ A-Traddin’ [Wildcat!] England; Closing theme

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