Detour Playlist Playlist for Sunday, March 26th

Playlist for Sunday, March 26th

Les Amazones d'Afrique

Detour Playlist
Paul Hartman
March 26, 2017 5:00PM – 7:00PM

Time, artist, song, album, label, notes

5:00PM Tim O’Brien “Where the River Meets the Road” Where the River Meets the Road []

Tim Grimm and the Family Band

Tim Grimm and the Family Band

5:04PM Tim Grimm and the Family Band “Black Snake” A Stranger in This Time []

5:09PM Pierre Bensusan “Detour” Encore [MVD Audio] France/Algeria; Opening theme; Playing in the Baltimore area this week

5:16PM Lydia Sylvia Martin “Fisher’s Hornpipe/Barlow Knife” Chasing the Ghost []

5:19PM Midway Fair “Ones and Zeroes” Most Distant Star EP []

Les Amazones d'Afrique

Les Amazones d’Afrique

5:22PM Les Amazones d’Afrique “Dombolo” République Amazone [RealWorld] Mali, Benin, Gabon

5:22PM Mélisande [Électrotrad] “Angélique” Les Millésimes [Borealis] Canada (Québec)

5:36PM The Honey Dewdrops “Lowlands” Tangled Country [] Playing in the Baltimore area this week

5:39PM Mipso “My Burden With Me” Coming Down the Mountain []

5:45PM The Once “You’re My Best Friend” Row Upon Row of the People They Know [Borealis] Canada (Newfoundland)

5:48PM John Craigie “Tumbling Dice” No Rain, No Rose []

5:53PM The Fabulous Thunderbirds “Here Comes the Night” Roll of the Dice [Private Music]

Hot Club of Baltimore

Hot Club of Baltimore

5:58PM Hot Club of Baltimore “Festival 48” Impromptu [Self-released]

6:01PM Jennifer Cutting’s Ocean Orchestra “Rocking the Baby/The Curlew” Waves [SunSign] Playing in the Baltimore area this week

6:08PM Catie Curtis “Hole in the Bucket” From Years to Hours [Mongoose Music]

6:13PM Nordic Fiddlers Bloc “Deliverance” Deliverance [] Sweden, Norway, Scotland (Shetland Islands)

6:19PM David Francey “Big Texas Moon” Empty Train [] Canada/Scotland

6:22PM The Piedmont Melody Makers “Over the Sea” Wonderful World Outside [Vigortone]

6:24PM Pierre Bensusan “Merrily Kissed the Quaker/Cunla” Encore [MVD Audio] France/Algeria; Playing in the Baltimore area this week

6:29PM Norrlåtar “Valurei” Sign of the Raven [Xource] Sweden

6:35PM Etta Britt “Leap of Faith” Out of the Shadows [Wrinkled] w/Delbert McClinton

6:40PM Abby and the Myth “Butterflies” When You Dig a Well []

6:43PM Rayna Gellert “Grey Bird” Workin’s Too Hard []

Kepa Junkera

Kepa Junkera

6:45PM Kepa Junkera “Arin-Oskorri” Bilbao 00:00h [Resistencia] Spain (Basque Country); w/Oskorri

6:52PM The Nightingale Trio “Na Dvore Dozhd'” Izvora []

6:54PM The Show Ponies “How It All Goes Down” How It All Goes Down [Self-released]

6:58PM Väsen “Johsefins dopvals” Trio [NorthSide] Sweden; Closing theme

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