Today on Detour

Charm City Junction: Alex Lacquement, Patrick McAvinue, Brad Kolodner, Sean McComiskey

Charm City JunctionTune in to Detour, the folk, roots & world music show today at 5:00 for live music from Baltimore’s own Charm City Junction. We’ll also hear tracks from their new CD. Turning to the news, there will be some songs about immigrants and refugees. And the usual Detour Cover Set and Detour Concert Calendar. 89.7 FM or Late tonight, today’s show will be archived here for future enjoyment.

4 thoughts on “Today on Detour”

  1. Wayne says:

    I think the show is wonderful, and I listen to it every week. Thanks for doing it.

  2. Alani says:

    When will Charm City Junction be playing? I was really looking forward to them…

  3. Thank you! I am grateful that you (and others) listen so that I have an opportunity to share musical discoveries.

  4. They started around 5:14. If you missed them (or want to listen again), the show is archived at for two weeks.

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