It’s Time to Give! Help Us Eliminate our Fall Fund Drive | WTMD

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We’re trying something new and we need your help to make it happen. We want to cut down on fund raising that interrupts the music and programming.

Our traditional “on-air” drive is scheduled for the week of October 5th. You know the format — extended interruptions for nine full days reminding everyone that your support is essential to the way WTMD operates.

Instead of interrupting the music then we think we can make our goal of $103,000 now…with your help.

How much of our goal can be reached in the next three weeks using email and short reminders that don’t interrupt programs? Can we eliminate a day from the traditional drive? Two days? Three? More? We’re counting on you to help us do it…will you support us now? When you do we’ll send you our brand new WTMD car magnet!

Our promise is simple — the drive ends when we reach $103,000 — so let’s give it a try! Make your gift now and change the way we fund raise this fall!

It’s Time to Give

Be sure to check out all the fun we’ll be having on Facebook…you can share that you’ve given, interact and spread the word about this new kind of fund drive!

Source: It’s Time to Give! Help Us Eliminate our Fall Fund Drive | WTMD

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