Paul Hartman & Tony Sica, circa 1997

Paul Hartman & Tony Sica, circa 1997


The show started in 1982 when WTMD was known as WCVT. The first host was Richard Smith. Tony Sica became co-host in the late 80s, then solo host in the early 90s. Paul Hartman had been an occasional guest on the show and then became co-host with Tony in 1995. Paul became sole host in February, 2004, when Tony retired. Tony passed away on February 13, 2010.

Paul was editor of Dirty Linen, the magazine of Folk and World Music, from 1987 to April 2010.


Towson Patch published an article about Detour on July 29, 2011.

Paul Hartman

Paul Hartman


Detour was selected as “Best Radio Show” in the Baltimore City Paper’s “Best of Baltimore 2000” issue:

Best Radio Show
Detour WTMD (89.7 FM), 5-7 P.M. Sundays
For 14 years, Detour has been the folk radio show in Baltimore, broadcast every Sunday evening on Towson University’s WTMD. Hosts Tony Sica and Paul Hartman take turns in alternate weeks playing an eclectic, intelligent blend of folk and world music. Both are soothing, friendly presences on the air, and both are extremely knowledgeable about the music. Sica is well-versed in the genres and well connected–his wife is Joyce Sica, the power behind Uptown Concerts, which brings top-notch acoustic acts to the area. Folk music is a family affair for Hartman too–he and his wife publish the internationally renowned folk- and world-music magazine Dirty Linen. The DJs’ connections allow them to bring artists into the studio for informative and musically satisfying interviews and live-music segments. And as all DJs do, Hartman and Sica spin discs, offering listeners a wide range of artists lumped under the “folk” umbrella–everything from the tumbling guitars of the Seldom Scene and Rosie Flores’ rockabilly rumble to the classic poetry of Bob Dylan and Fred Eaglesmith’s big, wide-open sound. This is radio done right.
© 2000 Baltimore City Paper

  1. Hi Paul – always enjoy your show while sitting in front of my fireplace…Happy New Year
    Matt Douglass(The Old Part of Town)


  2. Patrick Brown says:

    Love the concert calendar. It’s a great community service. Many Thanks.
    Washington DC


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