Detour, the folk, roots and world music show om WTMD

The Folk, Roots, and World Music Show
Sunday 5-7PM Eastern Time
89.7 WTMD, Towson, MD
Hosted by Paul Hartman
WTMD is a 10,000 watt non-commercial radio station licensed to Towson University broadcasting from Towson City Center. The station serves the Baltimore metropolitan area and all of central Maryland with compelling contemporary music created by artists who are committed to the craft of songwriting. An NPR member, the station produces “Baltimore Hit Parade,” an hour long music and interview program focusing on the developments in the Baltimore music scene. WTMD-HD2, “The Baltimore Channel,” airs music created by Baltimore musicians and is one of the few local-music channels in the country. WTMD is listened to by 100,000 people each month and can be heard on-line at wtmd.org and on apps for the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android.
Detour has been on the air since 1982 in a variety of time slots, currently 5 to 7 PM on Sunday. The show is an eclectic blend of folk, roots, and world music.
Listen to the real-time streaming broadcast, check playlists, consult the events calendar,
read the blog, and browse lots of music news and happenings at WTMD.
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  1. Tom Rhoads says:

    Hi there… Tom Rhoads here from 333 Coffeehouse in Annapolis. I’m hoping that you’d be willing to list our monthly folk/acoustic shows in your concert calendar(s). Please let me know how to reach you. 333 is a program of the Annapolis Traditional Dance Society, a local nonprofit which also produces the monthly Annapolis contra dance. (FSGW hosts our website, but we’re not a part of them.)

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  2. A bright broadcast\netcast in dark times! Thanks for celebrating Yennayer, Berber New Year by playing Thalweg, Hocine Boukella aka whacky Cheikh Sidi (that’s Seedy a la Algeria’s Amazigh Tom Waits) Bemol’s Berbero-Celtic band and the rousing “Toughach Ajejig”! Assegwas Ammegaz or Healthy & Balanced New Year 2964 to the Amazigh\Berber Diaspora and back home in Tamazgha!

    Also loved hearing local Baltimore treasure Midway Fair’s “Fairest of Them All.” Found the YouTube clip of Midway Fair as a duo another cool find thanks to DETOUR. MF: Tour in 2014! Spread the Fair!

    Keep on doin’ & thawin’ out
    from the Berber Beaverton Bat-cave
    of the Pacific NW

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  3. Andy Cooper says:

    Thank you for attributing the live version sang on the show of “Freight Train,” to Libba Cotton today. As a singer of traditional songs, it’s always good to hear people recognize where the music they sing comes from (or at least try to). Please announce the BFMS Spring Faire to be held on the 27th with lots of live roots music, jamming on old-time instruments, contra and square dancing, family events, main stage and lots of participatory workshops. Free! Cromwell Valley Park. The real deal.
    Andy Cooper


  4. Dan Cullinan says:


    We are having a June 21 performance of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member John Sebastian and I was wondering if we could listed with you folks or have it meantioned. Included here are two links regarding the show.

    The show is June 21 @ 7 PM and is a benefit for the Lazarus Caucus, a non-profit organization that assists the homeless and formerly homeless.


    Name: Woodstock Music Festival
    Who: John Sebastian
    When: June 21, 2104 @7 PM
    Where: St. Alphonsus Rodriguez
    10800 Old Court Road Woodstock, Maryland



    Thank you so much !!

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  5. Rae Ann McInnis says:

    Hey Paul! It’s Rae Ann, how are you doing?! So, I read about you and your efforts in The Towson Times regarding Rogers Forge’s problems with our educated young people. Well Done! You’re a big shot in the neighborhood, keeping the peace. Good man!
    Rogers Forge was my first Baltimore home and it meant a great deal to an inner city Washingtonian like me. I was very happy there.
    So, I not only hear you on the radio I read about you in print. You’re a media darling!!
    Know I’m listening, Paul, and reading!
    Rae Ann

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  6. Bernie says:

    Can you send me the Sting cover playlist of all three songs & bands? Also what was the Eline Evers song that you played on St Patrick’s Day?


  7. Arthur Magida says:

    Hello Paul…
    A consistently terrific show. A needed pause from the rest of this crazy life.
    Three requests for future shows:
    Thirsty Boots – Eric Anderson
    Weave Me the Sunshine – Peter Yarrow
    Ballad for Americans – Paul Robeson
    Many thanks,


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