Detour Playlist Playlist for Sunday, March 12th

Playlist for Sunday, March 12th

David Lindley & Wally Ingram

Detour Playlist
Paul Hartman

March 12, 2023 5:00PM – 7:00PM

* = Remembering David Lindley

Time, artist, song, album, label, notes

5:00PM Dana Cooper “Traveler Too” (single) []

5:00PM Merema “Kostyan Annyunyas” Eryamon’ Koytneva [] Russia

5:00PM Pierre Bensusan “Detour” Encore [] France/Algeria; Opening theme; w/Bill Keith, Jim Rooney

David Lindley & Wally Ingram

David Lindley & Wally Ingram

5:00PM David Lindley y Wally Ingram “Talk to the Lawyer Again” Twango Bango II [Self-released] David Lindley passed away last week *

5:00PM David Bromberg “Save the Last Dance for Me” Sideman Serenade [Rounder] w/David Lindley, who passed away last week *

5:00PM The Blind Boys of Alabama “Soldier” Spirit of the Century [RealWorld] w/David Lindley, who passed away last week *

5:00PM Jackson Browne “Running on Empty” Running on Empty [Asylum/Rhino] w/David Lindley, who passed away last week *

5:00PM Ensemble Sangineto “Si maritau o Rosa” Le Grand Tour, Vol.1 [] Italy

5:00PM Little Misty “Windmill” Nowhere Land [] Canada

5:00PM Wylie & the Wild West “Ribbon of Darkness” Bunchgrass []

5:00PM Rick Faris “Power of Love” Uncommon Sky [Dark Shadow Recording]

5:00PM Alice Di Micele “Over My Head” (single) []

5:00PM Dr. Paula David “About ‘The Numbers on My Arm'” [] Canada

Payadora Tango Ensemble

Payadora Tango Ensemble

5:00PM Payadora Tango Ensemble “The Numbers on My Arm” Silent Tears: The Last Yiddish Tango [Six Degrees] Canada

5:00PM Aly Bain “Midnight on the Water/Bonaparte’s Retreat” Lonely Bird [Green Linnet] Scotland (Shetland Islands)

6:00PM Kenny White “A Road Less Traveled” Long List of Priors []



6:00PM Idir “Isaltiyen” Deux Rives, Un Rêve [Sony Music (France)] Algeria (Kabylia); w/Alan Stivall

6:00PM Pharis & Jason Romero “Going Across the Sea” Tell ‘Em You Were Gold [] Canada (British Columbia)

6:00PM Michael Doucet and Tom Rigney “New Nola Blues” Roll On []



6:00PM Aulaga “El Roal Del Bolindri” El Rodar Del Bolindre [] Spain

6:00PM Brian Blake “Rice Field in the Distance” Book of Life []

Brewer & Shipley

Brewer & Shipley

6:00PM Brewer & Shipley “Keeper of the Keys” Down in L.A. [A&M Records]

6:00PM Stillhouse Junkies “El Camino” Small Towns [] w/Becky Buller

6:00PM Frigg “Meltaus” Frigg [NorthSide] Finland/Norway

6:00PM Hudaki Village Band “Where Are You Going” Vandruj! [] Ukraine

Dogo du Togo (photo by Jeff Assou)

Dogo du Togo (photo by Jeff Assou)

6:00PM Dogo du Togo “Obligation” Dogo du Togo [] Togo

6:00PM Fotheringay “The Way I Feel” Fotheringay [A&M] England

6:00PM Tempest “Old Man Flint” Balance [Magna Carta] USA/Norway

6:00PM Dave Swarbrick “Lord Haddo’s Favourite/Lady Mary Hayes Scotch Measure” Live at Jackson Lane [Gadfly] England; Closing theme

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