Detour Playlist Playlist for Sunday, September 9th

Playlist for Sunday, September 9th

Kathy Mattea

Detour Playlist
Paul Hartman
September 9, 2018 5:00PM – 7:00PM

Time, artist, song, album, label, notes

5:00PM The Whispering Tree “These Houses” Invisible Forces []

5:05PM Garmarna “Min Man (My Husband)” Guds Spelemän (God’s Musicians) [Omnium] Sweden

5:09PM Country Gentlemen “Detour” Good as Gold [Sugar Hill] Opening theme

Lilt (photo by Deborah Jaffe)

Lilt (photo by Deborah Jaffe)

5:15PM Brooks Williams “Rock Me” Lucky Star []

5:17PM Lilt “Fig for a Kiss/Seahamhac Tube Station” Little Falls [] Playing in the Baltimore area this week

5:22PM Susan Shann “Price on Heaven (Song for Bristol Bay)” Reckless Abandon []

5:28PM Dom Flemons “Going Down the Road Feelin’ Bad” Presents Black Cowboys [Smithsonian Folkways]

5:31PM Charm City Junction “Jaybird” Duckpin []



5:35PM Sandaraa “Dayra” (single) [] Pakistan/USA

5:42PM House of Hamill “Magic Man” March Through Storms [] USA/Canada

5:46PM Jim Roberts “The Passenger Suite” The Tao of Time []

5:53PM Sean Ardoin “Just What I Needed” Kreole Rock and Soul [Louisiana Red Hot]

6:00PM Joe Jencks “I’m a Stranger in This Land” The Forgotten – Recovered Treasures From the Pen of Si Kahn [] Playing in the Baltimore area this week

6:03PM Wu Man & Son de San Diego “El Balajú” Fingertip Carnival [Wind Music] China & USA


Kathy Mattea

6:11PM Kathy Mattea “St. Teresa” Pretty Bird [Captain Potato/Thirty Tigers]

6:15PM Youssra El Hawary “Bas Kollo Yehoon (It’s All Okay)” No’oum Nasyeen [] Egypt; Playing in the Baltimore area this week

6:18PM John McCutcheon “Me and Jesus” Ghost Light [] Playing in the Baltimore area this week

6:24PM Cathy Fink, Marcy Marxer & Sam Gleaves “If the Poor Don’t Matter” Shout and Shine [] Playing in the Baltimore area this week (Fink & Marxer)

6:28PM Vingefang “Njia Yangu (Njia Jig)” Tidens Ekko [GO’ Danish Folk Music] Denmark

Udi Hrant

Udi Hrant

6:33PM Udi Hrant “Şetarban taksim” The Early Recordings, Volume I [Traditional Crossroads] Turkey/Armenia

6:40PM Ellis Paul & Vance Gilbert “The Only Way” Side of the Road [Philo]

6:47PM Eliza Gilkyson “Lifelines” Secularia [Red House]

6:51PM Asleep at the Wheel “Jack I’m Mellow” New Routes [Bismeaux/Thirty Tigers]

6:54PM Mokoomba “Mwile” Rising Tide [Zig Zag World] Zimbabwe

6:57PM Silly Wizard “The Pearl” Wild & Beautiful [Shanachie] Scotland; Closing theme

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